Mooski Terms and Conditions are HERE. If you proceed you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.

Mooski runs for 3 weeks for teams of up to 15 people. Please refer HERE for answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

To sign up your team you will need:

  • To create a Mooski account below or sign in HERE if you already have an account
  • The email address of the person in your team who will be the designated Mooski Associate
  • The email addresses of up to 14 more team members (you can include yourself in that number by adding your email address)
  • A start date
  • A credit card for processing payment through PayPal

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Account Information

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Start Date

Team Members

Please add your Mooski Associate and Team Member's email addresses into the fields below.
Also note that, if you yourself want to receive the course information, then you will need to add your email address to the list as well.


Press + to add more team members (Max 15 in total, including Mooski Associate)