Mooski Discussion paper

Reaching a Flexible and Busy Workforce: Are your Training Efforts Hitting the Mark?

Corporate insights on the researched value of digital training plus an outline of Mooski daily content.

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Mooski Discussion paper

FAQS by Organisations and Purchasers

Your team is signed up for three weeks – participants will get a message from Mooski each working day for three weeks from the start date you nominate. The messages vary – some are short reflections, some are podcasts, some are activities that can be undertaken during the flow of the working day. We estimate that the average time commitment is half an hour per day.
Mooski’s daily messages are delivered to the email addresses of team members.  People then have the option to forward the message to their smart phones so that they can listen, for instance, to the included podcasts at their leisure. The minimum technological requirement is that each participant has an active email address you can supply. We ask that each team has a nominated Mooski Associate – this should be someone who can demonstrate how easy it is to start a podcast, for instance, or how to forward an email. Mooski support is available for any matters more technical than that.
We are very confident that  people undertaking the Mooski program will emerge with a lighter, brighter outlook at work. Some people will be moved and transformed, eager to learn more about mindfulness, autonomy or conflict resolution, for instance. Most will be willing and able to re-frame workplace negativity into more up-beat attitudes.
No other charges. During the program, members of the team are asked to choose from a selection of charities with the undertaking that Mooski will donate $20 to the agreed charity on their behalf. This means that, if for instance 15 members of your staff are signed up,  Mooski will donate $300 to their charity of choice – the amount will vary according to the size of the team.  There is no additional charge for this.
At the time of purchase, you are asked to nominate from the team you are enrolling a ‘Mooski Associate’. The Mooski Associate will get a personalised email from us outlining their role. They will become the first point of contact for any team member who has a simple question about the program: what’s this about? how long will it take? What is a podcast?

The person you choose to be Mooski Associate should be sensible, well-connected and know how to start a podcast! It might be you!

Technical support will always be available from the Mooski team.

These are the things you will be asked at sign up:

  • Your company name, your name and your email address.
  • A name for your Team – make it something obvious team members will remember.
  • A password for your Team to login to the Mooski website with – please don’t use a personal password. Whatever password you choose will need to be circulated to every team member you enroll.
  • The email address of a team member you will nominate to act as Mooski Associate and the email addresses of everyone you intend to enroll. You can enroll, at the same set cost, up to 15 people, including the Mooski Associate.
  • Your preferred commencement date for Mooski.
  • Payment details – this will be done using PayPal.

Once you have signed up your team, you will receive all the details you need to understand the daily operation of the program.

When you are signing up your team you will be asked to give your team a name in Mooski. Please note this down.

Even more importantly, you will be asked to create a Mooski Password for your team. Don’t use one that gives access to your bank accounts! Try something easily remembered by your team – they will all have to be told what it is in order to login to the Mooski website. Note it down and give it to the Mooski Associate, asking them to let the team know. Or, if you have nominated yourself to be the Mooski Associate, it is your job to let all the team members know the team password.

FAQS by Participants

Your manager or employer will let you know that you have been signed up to Mooski, and send you an email inviting you to participate. We suggest you add the Mooski email address to your safe senders list, to ensure that Mooski messages arrive in your inbox.

One member of your team has been made the Mooski Associate. This is probably the person who emailed you to tell you about Mooski. Your Mooski Associate will give you your password to login and be welcomed to the Mooski site.

Please tick the box so that your password is remembered on your computer or phone the next time you login – this will be much quicker for you.

You will receive a message from Mooski to your email address once each weekday for three weeks. Five of the Mooski episodes are podcasts to listen to, which are accessed through a link to the Mooski site which we will email to you.

There is no need to download or access any podcast apps. Mooski is designed to be as uncomplicated as possible. If you get stuck, see your Mooski Associate – Mooski support staff will provide help that way.

You’ll find that Mooski is no burden. The time commitment is small. We will ask you to go outside for a walk some days, or listen to a podcast at a time that suits you. Your employer is happy for you to spend some time with Mooski.

During the Mooski program, you will receive links to Resources pages. On these pages you can do more reading, reflection and team activities on topics that really resonate with you and your team. The learning experience is designed so that Resources become available to you at relevant times in the program. By the end of the program, you will have all the Resources and can keep them to use in future.

The podcast links are live for 30 days after your program ends.

You can also like our Facebook page. This is a great way to stay in touch.

If you miss a session due to illness or work commitments, you will find it easy to catch-up. Most of the Mooski messages are short. Because the learning is designed to build sequentially over three weeks, we recommend that you catch up with any episodes that you missed, before continuing.

If you have missed most of the days where Mooski has been active for your team, talk to the person in your team who has been made Mooski Associate about the best approach. You will still have access, via the emails sent you, to all the Mooski content. The podcast links are live for 30 days after your program ends.

Check your spam box. If Mooski emails are not there, ask the person in your team who has been made Mooski Associate or the person who told you about the Mooski program, and they will check that Mooski has the correct email address for you. If this does not work, Mooski Support should be contacted.

We suggest you add the Mooski email to your safe senders list, to ensure that Mooski messages arrive in your inbox.

Whoever signed your team up for Mooski created the Team Password. It should have been circulated to all team members. If this has not happened, or you have lost the message, ask the person who has been named the Mooski Associate for it. If that does not work, or is not possible, contact Mooski Support and we’ll help you.

Once you have the password and use it to login to the Mooski website, let your computer save it for you so that you don’t have to worry about it again.