Rose Bryant-Smith, author

Co-founder of celebrated workplace consulting firm, Worklogic, Rose has written Mooski from a deep knowledge of current research, a passion for improving workplace dynamics and zeal for innovative approaches to learning.

Julian Frost, animator

Known for the playfulness, humour and visual economy of his work,  Julian’s other acclaimed animations include Dumb Ways to Die for Melbourne Metro, and work for Skype, Google, Metro, Cadbury and Cartoon Network.

Megan Fulford, clinical psychologist

Megan is a highly respected clinician who has worked as senior consultant to police, military and multiple other organisations where misconduct has critical consequences.  Her critiques and additions to Mooski have been invaluable.

Rose Scott, mooski support

Rose administers prompt support to each Mooski team as they progress through the program. With strong technical skills and a background in Comms., Rose is able to quickly sort out issues before they become a headache.

Germaine Rea, developer

Germaine provided the creative design solutions for our digital platform and Digital on Demand continues to provide full technical support.