Happy people are motivated people

If your aim is to motivate staff, why choose online training, rather than an off-site classroom?

There are some obvious advantages: ‘The fees are lower, there are no travel costs, and the courses are less disruptive to day-to-day work.’ (Harvard Business Review, Jan-Feb 2018)

Using digital technology and podcasts just makes more sense for people now too. Traditional classrooms are very 20th century – a day spent with powerpoint, whiteboard and butchers’ paper fills most of us with dread. Don’t even mention paintball!

Showing respect for individual agency

More subtly, there is something patronising, if not insulting, about requiring staff to attend a class where they are to be taught, in front of each other, how to be happier at work. Most of us consider our state of happiness to be a private matter.

Where there is existing conflict within a team, finding better ways to operate together cannot – successfully – be publicly required.

Mooski is respectful of individual agency and, by being delightful, encourages individual participation without requiring it.
Assume that individual team members’ feelings about their work are going to vary from each others’ – as well as being individually subject to daily variation.

There is great benefit in allowing people to think quietly about their attitudes and behaviours away from classroom exposure.

Meaningful activities

Of course, Mooski asks participants to do more than reflect quietly – there are also activities:

  • which prompt reaching out to an overlooked team member;
  • taking a walk with one or two colleagues to discuss an idea;
  • deciding as a group which charity should receive the donation made by Mooski on behalf of people who complete the Mooski program;
  • practicing the provided guidelines for having an overdue, difficult conversation with a colleague.

Uniquely, by being online, by combining personal reflection with activities and by respecting individual agency, Mooski presents a powerful opportunity to help teams re-invigorate themselves.