Mooski is a delightful online team building experience where colleagues get to know each other better and reflect on their own individual traits, values, strengths and work relationships.

This is a three-week online team training program. We provide a strengths-based approach, designed by experts to build resilience and adaptability in everyone.

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Why Mooski for online team training?

There’s lots of team training out there. Employees respond with increasing cynicism to most of it.¬† But Mooski offers something new and different.

Mooski engages people by being contemporary, fun and gimmick-free. It is affordable, evidence-based and easy to fit into a busy schedule.

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What does Mooski do?

Mooski is built on the latest research from psychologists and business schools about happiness at work and building effective teams. It covers:

  • intrinsic motivation
  • mindfulness
  • purpose and values
  • workplace culture
  • innovation
  • happiness
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Who makes Mooski?

Mooski is developed by Worklogic, a workplace advisory firm in Melbourne, Australia. Worklogic helps employers to address inappropriate conduct and to build a positive culture at work. The Mooski program is developed with input from an organisational psychologist, human resources managers, mediators and workplace behaviour experts.

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Purchase a Mooski team program on the spot, choosing a commencement date that suits your business. Individual teams can be up to 15 people. You can also enroll multiple teams. Please find out more about the options here:


Once you have signed up your team, you will receive further details about the daily operation of the program.

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